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Why should I respect Bush?

Morro Bay



Maybelline McKelvey’s letter stating that “Bush, like all U.S. presidents, deserves respect” (Nov. 18) pissed me off to no end.

Why does he deserve respect? Respect is earned, not deserved, just because. What did he do to earn respect? His election was “questionable” to begin with. His reasons for going to war were false. Under his watch, Wall Street was “allowed” to pilfer America with no repercussions on the criminals who profited.


Torture of noncombatants, the right to detain without charges, illegal wire taps on anyone, for no stated reason—all in the name of domestic security. He used terror and fear to promote his personal agenda and justify his crimes. He elevated the executive branch above the law and did away with the checks and balances America was founded on.

Sorry, the man should be tried for treason, then turned over to the world court to be tried for crimes against humanity. His administration was nothing short of evil, and I hope there is a special corner of hell reserved for him and his puppet masters when they pass.

Respect? I think not.

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