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Suck this down: The last Saturday of the month, which happens to fall on Feb. 23 this year, is Open that Bottle Night thanks to Wall Street Journal "Tastings" columnists Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher. Some of their tips are: to stand older wine up for days prior to get that sediment settled, drink the wines closer to cellar temps (55 degrees), don't decant, and have a backup wine ready just in case your bottle of choice has gone bad ... Local winemakers recently met to review the 2018 grape harvest. The San Luis Obispo Coast growing region experience the second coolest growing season in the past 10 years. Grape yields were up 20 percent for pinot noir and 10 percent for chardonnay. Both grapes "are excellent in 2018," according to the February SLO Wine Surf Report, due to a good set (uniform clusters with fully mature berries), a long growing season, and all that good cool weather ... The San Luis Obispo Wine Country Association hired a new executive director. Anne Steinhauer comes to the Central Coast from the Napa Valley were she ran a consulting company. There she worked with the Napa Valley Cannabis Association, the Napa Valley Vintners, and Napa County Red Cross. Hmmm, is there a cannabis/wine tour in SLO County's future? ... Oh, and, just in case you missed this news, Sextant Wines purchased the Old Edna Township—which is kind of crazy, right? Δ

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