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Without a shot




Round 3 is over, and we can all relax. In the first presidential debate, Obama was essentially a no-show. Then there was the VP debate; Biden’s dentist loved that one! Round 2 was an unprofessional slugfest for both candidates and the moderator. We all waited for Round 3; most expected the boys to go to blows. Obama came out swinging—attack, attack—while Romney calmly sat there smiling. Benghazi was hardly mentioned, and if you watched more than MSNBC, you all know the truth, which would have destroyed Obama. Romney repeatedly agreed with Obama on numerous items, and correctly so; a little of what he’s done has been the right thing. If you’ve exercised your memories, fact checked, and listened to both sides of the media, you know the truth.

In the past two debates, Romney gave specifics on how and what he intends to do. He has moved a little to center, which is fine for me, but not for the far right. Obama still doesn’t give specifics on his plans, just more rhetoric and attacks on the opposition. It will be business as usual, and—sorry, folks, but we can’t survive four more years of his borrow-and-spend tactics.

Romney was calm, cool, and collected, more presidential, professional, and acted like an adult. Obama was like a schoolboy trying to pick a fight with insults, angry glares, and attitude. The liberal media loved it, but the bottom line was Romney disarmed Obama without a shot being fired.

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