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Words matter


Most media have failed to call the current political situation what it is— pure and simple racism. To continue to call the problem "The Big Lie" only serves to whitewash the real problem, which is not an allegedly stolen election, but racism. Because a certain cohort of Americans—the Republican base does not want to accept the "browning of America" and wants to keep America "white," it calls the election stolen.

Contrary to those who describe the problem as loyalty to Trump, it is Trump who has pledged his loyalty to racists. Trump recognized this racist element, capitalized on it, and used it as a stepping stone to power. But the racists were here before Trump. The Republican base has not been taken over by Trump. Trump has been taken over by the racist Republican base who identify him as the one who can deliver their most fervent desire—to remain the dominant element in a soon-to-be minority white America, and the mainstream Republican Party is afraid of losing the base so it, too, has become racist.

Words matter. The media should call it what it is—racism—not "The Big Lie."

Beverly Niles

Arroyo Grande

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