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World economies are job deficient

San Luis Obispo



Don Grant, who wrote the letter “Build something” (Jan. 21), deserves a medal for bravery. To briefly quote him: “We have arrived at a time in which the economy does not have any use for a large percentage of our people.” Our people means Americans but his comments apply equally to the whole world. He asks what we should do for them.

 Solutions and remedies fill our air like fog—better education for women and children, economic development, rule of law, more democracy, green energy— all of which are commendable though tangential to the root question. The problem brought into discussion by Grant will not benefit much from solutions offered by regiments of do-gooders, individual rights advocates, preachers, clergies, social scientists, TV talking heads, pontificators, or sentimentalists; collectively the chattering class. The problem Grant so eloquently stated is about numbers

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