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Worry about native species

Los Osos



We human beings have lived in Los Osos for 10 thousand years (or so). We are not an invasive species (no matter where we moved from). Eucalyptus trees are beautiful. They are, however, from a different place from here. A place where they don’t harm the environment (andcan be very useful for reasons other than beauty or firewood).

In Los Osos we have hundreds of Blue Gum Eucs, so, “no worries” about them leaving here anytime soon.

Audobon would like to save a small portion of Sweet Springs, starting with taking out only 10 Eucs a year for 10 years. These are not the “big boys” in the established part of Sweet Springs but newly acquired land where the Eucs are soaking up our fresh water and

killing the native species (who do need our protection).

Please allow and encourage Audobon to continue their Sweet Springs project. We will all benefit from this endeavor.

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