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Yes and no, Mr. Fonzi


Yes, Mr. Fonzi, you are right, the killings of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks are national tragedies ("After the anger," June 18). I was very relieved to read that you were able to reason through the reasons why—phew! And yes, Mr. Fonzi, "social engineering" and the retraining of police may not prevent all of these types of killings from occurring in the future, but it would be reasonable to think that social change, police retraining, and accountability, along with a multitude of other wide-ranging actions, would help.

No, Mr. Fonzi, Black Lives Matter is not just a "slogan." It is a movement started by three courageous women to help bring awareness to these recurring national tragedies. Part of the reason they started it was because many families have brought similar cases to court, but most of the police officers involved did not get convicted of manslaughter or murder. Their primary goal is to help prevent these killings in the first place.

No, Mr. Fonzi, systematic racism is not a "false narrative." Don't you know about our country's history? Don't you remember the way those peaceful protesters, led by Dr. Martin Luther King, were treated by the police? Why do you think they were protesting in the first place? Don't you think it would be reasonable to conclude that as with any victims of abuse, be it individual or collective, some people would eventually be unable to take it anymore and act out violently?

No, Mr. Fonzi, the majority of the current peaceful protests were not interrupted by antifa violence, as you try to make readers believe ("No sign of antifa so far in Justice Department cases brought over unrest," June 9, 2020, NPR). Antifa does not "aim to destroy our republic and every institution within." If I am not mistaken, we have President Donald Trump and his feckless, I mean faithful, followers to thank for this. Is it really such a mystery to you as to how this current "cycle of hate and fury that has engulfed America" started?

Yes, Mr. Fonzi, the solution to our country's troubles would be for everyone to love thy neighbor. Believe you me, this can be tough at times (although my actual neighbors are great). But we got this, right?

Kathy Riedmann

Los Osos

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