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Yes, conserve energy--but what about our hands?

Grover Beach



In response to “Use common sense for heating and cooling” (Nov. 11) and “I don’t think nuclear will stop with line-drying” (Nov. 18):

Roger Cleary throws us all a challenge about our energy use. We need to look at all aspects of our lifestyle to find ways to conserve energy. There is just no excuse for clothes driers. Clotheslines, plus indoor drying racks for rainy days, will dry our clothes free of charge, and Mother Earth will say thank you. Even if solar clothes-drying is not in itself enough to eliminate the “need” for nuclear, it would be a big step in that direction.

I’m not so sure about doing without winter heating. Sure, we can bundle up in thermal underwear, woolens, heavy socks, and caps. But what about our hands? Some tasks can’t be performed with gloves, and chilblains are a misery.

Any ideas, Roger?

-- Georgia Sanford - Grover Beach

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