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Yes on G


As a concerned citizen of San Luis Obispo County and specifically the city of Atascadero, I earnestly ask our elected officials to support Measure G, which will be on the November ballot. Voters will determine whether or not to allow more oil drilling, including fracking, in our county.

Essentially, fracking is a very dirty business, using millions of gallons of our precious and dwindling water reserves and toxic, carcinogenic chemicals. The processing and transport of the oil pollutes water, soil, and air and would be dangerous to the neighborhoods and businesses along the whole route.

The measure does not impact existing oil wells but would ban the use of fracking at those wells. The aim of Measure G is to stop new oil exploration, fracking, and drilling in our county.

Relying on and using fossil fuels goes against the Paris Climate Accord, which virtually every country on Earth has signed onto and has begun reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

Believe the science and observe the facts: desertification of vast areas, melting of polar ice, extinction of many species, record-breaking heat across the world, rising sea levels, etc.

If Measure G fails to pass, the only winners will be the oil companies. The losers will be our health, economies based on tourism, and the moral obligation to halt escalating climate change while we still can.

Marty Brown


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