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You can still register to vote


NPR reports that "almost every place where Americans usually register to vote has been out of reach since March, and it's led to a big drop in new registrations right before a presidential election that was expected to see record turnout."

The League of Women Voters reminds everyone that it is still possible for all qualified voters to register to vote.

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed restrictions on traditional voter registration, elections, and campaigning. But we must not let the pandemic keep people from registering to vote. Voter registration continues. Remind your family, friends, neighbors, members of your church, colleagues at school and in the workplace that they can register to vote by picking up a voter registration form at the local post office or going online at registertovote.ca.gov. It's easy and quick. If you have moved since the last election, be sure to re-register at your new address.

The Nov. 3 election is a pivotal one for our democracy. We encourage everyone to register, educate yourself on the issues and candidates, and vote.

Ann Havlik and Cindy Marie Absey


League of Women Voters

San Luis Obispo County

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