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You couldn't see this, Glen?

Los Osos



Regarding the Jan. 6 Split Screen for The King’s Speech (“Talk of the crown”):

At the risk of seeming impolite, I must say you really must have gone to sleep for part of the film, Mr. Starkey, as you completely missed the scene where Logue was speaking to King George and he told Logue that his nanny had mistreated him by pinching him and often didn’t feed him when he was a child, as she hated him.

If that, along with mistreatment by members of his own family, isn’t enough for you to figure out why he developed a speech impediment, I don’t know what is. Also, I agree with Steve Miller wholeheartedly that this film is “fantastic in every conceivable way” and then some. Maybe Steve should be the reviewer and you the photographer?

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