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You first on privatizing sex talk

Los Osos



I almost hate to break it to Steve Kobara in this manner, (“Sex should be private,” June 26), but blunt revelations of heterosexuality are so pervasive they almost go unnoticed. Underwear ads. Beer commercials. Public displays of affection. Bridal magazines.

So, I’ll put it to him this way—we’ll stop when he does. We’ll stop when he can’t feel comfortable holding his wife’s or girlfriend’s hand in public, either. We’ll stop when heterosexuals are thought of as child molesters out to “convert” their children, too. We’ll stop when frank talk about homosexual subject matter, more often than not, earns a film an ‘R’ rating.

I doubt the gay community would need a celebration of who we are if the heterosexual community didn’t advertise their orientation. So, how about it?

And for the record, if a bunch of homosexuals standing around, drinking beer, and watching Wanda Sykes is a grave affront to his “down-home country values,” he should know that he could have inherited a townhouse on Folsom street. SLO Pride is practically funereal in comparison.

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