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You might not really want this honor, Los Osos

Los Osos



Congratulations, Los Osos. You win!

The Greeks had Sisyphus for eternity rolling a boulder uphill, only to see it roll down again. I attempted environmental restoration in the El Moro Elfin Forest Natural Area for many years on a volunteer basis.

Meanwhile, you vandalized all restoration projects and pulled up native plants. You severely damaged an acre of federally listed, threatened manzanita bushes and carved and painted the bark on 500-year-old oaks. You vandalized and stole expensive interpretive signs and repeatedly cut and tore down protective fencing. You dug erosion channels toward a steep hillside, thus bypassing years of stabilization work. You rode bicycles and skateboards, despite signs to the contrary. You stepped over fencing and cut trails everywhere, crushing native brush in the sensitive dune habitat. You ran dogs off leash and left half a ton of dog poop behind each year despite disposal bags at every entrance.

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