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You missed the boat, Los Osos

San Luis Obispo



After reading the commentary in last week’s New Times about the Los Osos sewer (“Sewer costs are not confined to Los Osos,” Nov. 3), my only comment is ENOUGH is ENOUGH! I’m so sick of reading about the sewer year after year. First it was going to be built—no wait a minute, it’s not. More studies. It’s on again—no wait a minute, it’s not.

My God, we’ve all had it. If you people in Los Osos had gone along with Bill Coy’s proposal 20 years ago, you wouldn’t be in this fix. You’d have your sewer in, and we wouldn’t have to read about it anymore.

I don’t know where it stands now, and frankly I don’t care. You missed the boat 20 years ago.

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