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You never know

San Francisco



  The SLO City Park Rangers should be ashamed (“Merry Christmas,” Dec. 18). They’ve deprived a man and woman of shelter in the middle of winter just before Christmas.  But I guess they solved the homeless problem.  Phew. Thank goodness that blight has been removed. Now when I revisit my once-beloved hometown, I won’t be forced to pick my way through a shantytown of homeless camps, which was always the least pleasant part of a trip down to SLO.  If there is one thing I can’t stand, it is a harmless eccentric, decorating the trees around his campsite and raising a chicken for company. Lord knows, San Luis Obispo has too many of those colorful characters as it is. I do however have a suggestion for the SLO City Park Rangers: it may be best to keep Mr. Tolosko around, maybe put him on the payroll. He, and those like him, may have a lot to teach us when the economic apocalypse finally forces us all to live out on the stream banks. Don’t burn those bridges just yet, SLO town.

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