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You succeeded in highlighting misogyny

San Luis Obispo



Shame on you for approving the most offensive article I have ever read out of New Times (“High balls,” March 15). The most recent article by the Shredder truly showcases to San Luis Obispo how ignorant and misogynistic his beliefs are, leaving the public full right to “shred” you all apart for approving such an offensive article in your magazine.

If your goal in publishing “High balls” was to shine light on poor, incoherent, misogynistic, and non-pertinent writing, by all means you have succeeded. I will be informing many groups like ACLU, Human Rights Watch, and the local Cal Poly Gender Equity Center on this horrendous article.

Thank you for thinking of women as second-class citizens.

Shredder’s note: I have two words to respond to this letter: irony.


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