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You want proof?


A demand for “opponents� to the current sewer to provide proof (other systems at lower costs exist) is just what we are begging to do. Thank you for the challenge! Let’s start with these:

Proof of fact: The CSD is the only one who can present a project to the SWRCB for approval and funding.

Proof of fact: The Time Schedule Order was submitted by Buel, and not revised to protect us from fines.

Proof of fact: Ponding systems were not disapproved except by your own LOCSD. It simply didn’t fit the site at TRI-W.

Proof of fact: The Regional Board and the SWRCB never dictated the type and location for our project.

Proof of fact: LOCSD has refused to conduct any alternative analysis, even when they changed the project twice since approval in 2001. This is proof that the project can be changed if the LOCSD wants to.

Proof of fact: These LOCSD changes increased the cost, and LOCSD never evaluated alternatives, including sites. Anyone desiring facts instead of dreams can contact the LOTTF. Public Workshops (not private press conferences) are being scheduled to present facts. We are huge on proof to those who will receive it.

Speculation: Greed and ignorance are still trying to move this nightmare project forward. I hope those wanting facts are sincere and will attend.


Gail McPherson

Los Osos Technical Task Force

Los Osos

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