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Your racism writer showed his true colors



In response to the strangely titled commentary, “The economy is paramount” (Aug. 1): While the piece was solely about racism, the only lifelong racist in this article is the author, Mr. Otis Page.

Judging our president as strongly biased, because he has commented on the Trayvon Martin murder, Mr. Otis shows his own true colors. The president had every right to comment on the outcome of the George Zimmerman trial as GZ was obviously totally guilty and the all-white jury was clearly biased as Mr. Otis has been throughout the examples he writes about during his lifetime while living throughout the country.

The only minority member of the GZ Jury, Juror B29, has already spoken publicly, quoted in The Week magazine, that Zimmerman “got away with murder.” Outnumbered by the remaining white jury, she could not prevail.


-- Sandra Lakeman - San Luis Obispo

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