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Your story about the SLOPD only served to divide


I read the article about a "break-in" call and a dead dog ("Justice for Bubs," Jan. 16). It was sad and unfortunate. I've had a break-in at my home and also called the police. Their response was swift and professional, and I feel safer in my own home now. A police officer puts his or her life in danger every day! Someone climbing through a broken window sounds like a dangerous situation to me. And being charged by an aggressive pit bull sounds dangerous as well.

Police officers have a split second to make decisions, and I'm sure the video of this accident is evidence enough for San Luis Obispo Police Department Chief Deanna Cantrell and her communications manager to make the right decision about this unfortunate shooting. Our police chief has no obligation to share an internal investigation with the public. A three-page story, photo of the couple with their pet, and picketing signs only serves to enrage and anger this community. This sounds a little like some of the distorted "tweets" published in our news.

And why does the Shredder bring up Chief Cantrell's stolen gun in the same paper ("Keystone cops?" Jan. 16)? Shame on you!

Christie Withers

San Luis Obispo

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