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You're still doing it

San Luis Obispo



I think I got the point (“Our voices mattered on the worst bill ever,” Sept. 1). The bill (H.R. 2584 or Worst. Bill. Ever.) is bad. It should not pass. Please tell your representative.

In fact, I agree that it’s a bad bill, and I’m glad to hear it’s gone away.

However, no bill is partisan. Only people and opinion pieces are partisan. I did not suggest, nor do I think, that the people who proposed the bill and its amendments did it without some partisan motivation. My point was that when you bring it up as an argument against some specific legislation, it’s irrelevant, and it makes you sound petty. If you will drop the partisan labels, you may get support from more people, people who might have dismissed your cause simply because they may consider themselves Republican and you present your cause as anti-Republican.

I still stand by my request for the Sierra Club and other environmental groups to change their tactics. There are bigger fish. Does it make your skin crawl when you hear about the crazy stuff the Chinese do to their land? Can you imagine the environmental damage caused by actual bombs? I can confidently assert that U.S. bombs have killed more children than lead contamination.

-- Ian Tanner - San Luis Obispo

-- Ian Tanner - San Luis Obispo

-- Ian Tanner - San Luis Obispo

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