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You've got a giant problem



With regret, I have resigned from the board of PRO Water Equity. We formed PRO Water Equity to advocate for fairness.

As new studies show the overdraft worse than anticipated, the need for a fair and equitable solution is clear.

The PRO Water-PRAAGS compromise gives away a chance for fairness and oversight: a one-person one-vote election for local control of the water basin.

Registered voters should elect the district board so that local people without big money to access the legal system or power to influence the political system will have a voice in the decisions controlling their water supply.

The PRAAGS-PRO Water deal will favor the big powerful corporate landowners that are already pumping so much water that other people have dry wells.

Bad deal. Pay attention. It’s now you vs. Goliath.

-- Maria Lorca - Creston

-- Maria Lorca - Creston

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