Best of SLO County 2012 - 26th Annual Readers Poll

Star power, working princesses, street fights—New Times presents all of this and more as we unveil the winners of our 26th Annual Best of SLO County readers poll. We’ve created a one-stop cheat sheet to direct stalwart locals on their quest to discover and utilize the best businesses and services in the realm—or SLO County. Dine out in style with your favorite videogame couple, or gobble your grub Pac-Man style, with insight into the best eats around the county. Activate your invincibility star and dive headlong into the After Hours scene with some menacing—depending on your perspective—StreetFighters (though we encourage you to enjoy the various bars and lounges peaceably, practicing the way of the open palm rather than that of the closed fist). (Jade Empire, folks. I know it’s not quite an oldie, but it is certainly a goodie). Draw inspiration from Tetris as you allow the various stars of the arts and entertainment community to fall snugly into place in your datebook. I’m not sure which shape best befits a local playhouse—perhaps the versatile “z,” which can easily denote comedy or tragedy depending on how the game is going. Try to keep up with Sonic as he burns money (or rings, in his case) at various local stores. There’s a good chance he’ll stop off at a local shoe store—footwear is his trademark, after all—or possibly a jewelry purveyor looking to recover some of those lost rings. Take a relaxing me day with Link as he indulges in a pedicure to give his feet a break from his wandering ways. There’s a good chance it’s not his final stop of the day; he may be taking trusty steed Epona through the car wash. Or Get Out on a nice, non-combative hike with Donkey Kong and Princess … and that snotty little plumber who can’t seem to leave them alone. And get swept up in Community Watch to help keep tabs on your public heroes and villains. Here we go!

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